Q. What makes the Magic of Kyle Ryan different?
A. Each and every performance is tailor-made to connect with the audience. Never once will you feel that there is a proverbial “fourth wall” between the stage and your guests. Each show is guaranteed to reflect over 15 years of experience as a magician and entertainer. At the end of the day, our biggest concern is your guests’ enjoyment (after all, we’ve seen the show before)!

Q. What does the show consist of?
A. In addition to the magic itself, each show is laced with audience participation and comedy. One thing I pride myself on is making the audience part of the show – whether it’s bringing an audience member or two (or three!) up on stage to help with a trick or engaging the entire crowd during performance, your guests will go home feeling that they indeed were part of something unique and fun.

Q. What are your fees?
A. Many factors play a role in determining the fees for each show – such as the type of show you’re interested in, location, date and time, show length, preparation and travel. Please fill out a request form by clicking HERE and I will provide you a quote as soon as possible.

Q. What kind of events do you do?
A. Over the past two decades, I have performed in just about every type of venue – including awards banquets, private parties, hospitality suites, cocktail hours, after dinner shows, birthdays, weddings, grand openings, community festivals – you name it!

Q. What ages is the show appropriate for?
A. The material in each show varies depending on what type of show you are interested in (for example, you won’t be receiving the same material for an after dinner show that you would for a birthday party); however, each show is tailor-made to ensure that all those in attendance will have a great time! All subject matter is family friendly and can be appreciated by all ages. If you aren’t convinced that everyone in the audience enjoyed the show, see the next question.

Q. Is the show guaranteed?
A. 100%...if you aren’t 100% satisfied with how your guests were entertained, I’ll tear the check up on the spot!

Q. Can we see you perform anywhere?
A. Sure! Check out my Facebook page where I’m constantly updating any public shows I may have as well as all the latest news, updates, and show information!

Q. What all equipment do you need for a show?
A. For the most part, my shows are very self-contained. I bring everything I need with me with the exception of some sound and lighting equipment (see my rider for more info). My show will adapt to any performance area – all I need is a “stage” and an “audience”! My show is also very low-maintenance, I won’t ever leave debris behind for you or your staff to have to clean up and will always leave the stage exactly as I found it.

Q. How far do you travel?
A. Based in Houston, Texas but I'll travel as far as you’ll take me!

Q. Does your show feature any live animals?
A. No...they bite and poop – and sometimes are known to carry diseases.

Q. Can you make my wife disappear?
A. I used to be able to, but now I’m running out of places to hide the bodies, so no; but keep acting that way and I won’t have to...she’ll do it on her own!



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